Milo has Jungle Fever.
Mandi from Los Angeles, CA:
My dog Milo does not play. He doesn’t even seem to have the faintest idea what toys are even FOR. He stares at them as if they are just the same as a rock or the curb or a chair leg. I got Milo about 3 years ago, he’s now 10 years old. He’s a lovable terrier mix who looks like Benji. Everyone loves him. He’s CHILL. The only thing that seems to get him excited is other dogs. When he sees them he straightens up, tail wagging, whimpering and attempts to get close to said dog. So when I got him I naturally thought “DOG PARK!” Perfect right? Well I took him to the Silver Lake dog park which is one of the “bigger” dog parks in LA and happens to be near my house. Full of hipsters, dogs and dirt. So I let Milo off his leash and prepare myself to see him excitedly chasing and playing with other new canine pals. He walks on over to the fence and sniffs. And walks. And pees. And sniffs. And walks. And pees. He makes it alllll the way around the perimeter and finally comes over to where I am near a large group of frolicking dogs of all sizes. He gets all excited like he does and I think “FINALLY!” and he’s trying to find his spot between a German Shepherd and a Black Lab/Rottweiler mix and some mutts and after a few minutes of this he finally goes for the rather sizable Lab/Rottie mix and gets up on his hind legs and begins trying to HUMP HIS FACE. After several attempts of us good naturedly (and embarrassingly) breaking it up he gives up and sits there, next to me seemingly bored with it all. I have since learned that Milo in fact does resoundingly have a type. And it really is: big, black and male.
Milo has Jungle Fever.

Brandy the KISS fan

Jeff and Neda from Austin, TX:

Few people know this, but our cat Brandy is a HUGE “Kiss” fan. Sometimes when we go to bed early, somehow she will get the stereo on and blast “I want to rock and roll all night and party everyday”. We usually storm into the living room upset at having been woken up, but then can’t help ourselves as she will do her best kiss impersonation when we catch her. Here she is doing it, sans guitar. We call her Brandy Stanley. Don’t you think she kinda looks like Paul Stanley?

This cat is Hotter than Hell!